Taking the plunge

Recently did a performance of my originals (and a couple of arrangements) at Theta Sound Live in a trio setting with Ken Wild on upright and Tom Rizzo on guitar.  It was the first time most of this material had been played in public and I was so pleased with the response.  I may never have made the leap if not for the persistent urging of my good friend Steve Noonan, a gifted singer/songwriter who asks me to join him from time to time both live and in the studio.  Steve always asks if I want to do a song or two whenever we work live, and finally had enough of my nay saying and just booked a gig with me opening for him.  Best thing that's every happened to me - besides marrying my wife.  Tom and Ken killed it with a minimum of rehearsal and I felt like I'd come home.  Now to keep the momentum going!